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Discover the Magic of Westward Ho! with Braddicks Holidays

Nestled along the stunning North Devon coast lies a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered – Westward Ho!. Known for its picturesque landscapes, sprawling beaches, and vibrant community, Westward Ho! is the epitome of a perfect holiday destination. And at the heart of this charming locale is Braddicks Holiday Park, offering the quintessential Westward Ho! […]

Paws and Relax: The Ultimate Pet-Friendly Holiday Experience at Braddicks

In the tapestry of family life, pets hold a special place. They’re not just pets; they are fur-coated family members, companions in our daily dance of life. Recognizing this bond, Braddicks Holidays has crafted a haven where families and their four-legged friends can unwind together, sans the stress of dog kennels or the guilt of […]

Rediscovering Devon: The Seamless Charm of Staycations with Braddicks Holidays

In an age where the luster of overseas travel is often dimmed by the complexities of planning and unforeseen challenges, the concept of a ‘staycation’ has emerged as a beacon of simplicity and pleasure. Braddicks Holidays, a stalwart in the holiday scene since 1895, embodies this ethos, offering a seamless booking experience for those seeking […]

Rediscovering Joy: A Seaside Sanctuary at Braddicks Holiday Park

Embracing the Travel Renaissance As the UK travel industry forecasts a summer boom, with companies like easyJet and Saga predicting a surge in holiday bookings, a hidden gem on the North Devon coast beckons – Braddicks Holiday Park. Amidst this resurgence of travel enthusiasm, Braddicks stands as a beacon of serenity and unspoiled beauty, offering […]

Seaside Serenity: Unveiling the Charms of Braddicks Holiday Park in Devon

Braddicks Holiday Park North Devon

Introduction to the New Era of Travel In the wake of a world that’s slowly unfurling its wings post-COVID, the term ‘revenge travel’ has become a siren song for many. As we emerge from our cocoons, the desire to rediscover the world’s wonders is palpable. However, amidst this newfound wanderlust, there lies an unassuming gem […]

Braddicks Holiday Park: Celebrating Over 120 Years of Unforgettable Holiday Experiences

Nestled in the heart of North Devon, Braddicks Holiday Park stands as a testament to over 120 years of holiday-making excellence. Being one of the longest-standing holiday companies in the UK, Braddicks has evolved from a humble family-owned business to a beloved holiday destination, all while maintaining its core values of tradition, quality, and personal […]

Unleash the Joy of Travel: Pet Friendly Holidays UK at Braddicks Holiday Park

For many, a family holiday isn’t complete without their four-legged members. At Braddicks Holiday Park, we understand this bond, which is why we offer exceptional pet friendly holidays in the UK. Nestled in the stunning scenery of North Devon, our park ensures that your beloved pets are not just accommodated but are as welcomed and […]

Discover Water Sports Paradise at Braddicks Holiday Park

Imagine a holiday where the excitement of water sports meets the comfort and convenience of beachside living. At Braddicks Holiday Park in North Devon, this dream becomes a reality. Situated just steps away from the beach, Braddicks is an ideal destination for families, couples, and groups seeking a thrilling and memorable water sports adventure. A […]

Paddle Boarding Paradise: Explore North Devon’s Coastline from Braddicks Holiday Park

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) has rapidly gained popularity as a peaceful yet adventurous way to explore coastal waters. At Braddicks Holiday Park, nestled beside the beautiful beaches of North Devon, guests have a unique opportunity to engage in this exhilarating activity. Whether you’re part of a family or a couple, SUP offers an unrivaled […]