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Paddle Boarding Paradise: Explore North Devon’s Coastline from Braddicks Holiday Park

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) has rapidly gained popularity as a peaceful yet adventurous way to explore coastal waters. At Braddicks Holiday Park, nestled beside the beautiful beaches of North Devon, guests have a unique opportunity to engage in this exhilarating activity. Whether you’re part of a family or a couple, SUP offers an unrivaled […]

Catch the Waves: Family Surfing Adventures at Braddicks Holiday Park

Imagine a holiday where the thrill of surfing meets the comfort of family-friendly accommodation. At Braddicks Holiday Park, this vision comes to life, offering families and couples an unforgettable experience by one of the planet’s best surfing beaches. Here, the adventure of riding the waves is just a stone’s throw away, making it an ideal […]

Embrace 2024 with a Dream Holiday at Braddicks Holiday Park

As the new year of 2024 unfolds, the promise of new beginnings and fresh experiences beckons. For those dreaming of a perfect holiday escape, Braddicks Holiday Park in North Devon emerges as an ideal destination. Here, every holiday is a journey into tranquility, adventure, and unforgettable moments, suitable for families, couples, and even your four-legged […]

Celebrate the Festive Season with Family at Braddicks in Westward Ho!

In the heart of North Devon, where the Atlantic Ocean kisses the rugged coastline, lies a festive haven known as Braddicks Holiday Park. Here in Westward Ho!, a Christmas and New Year celebration awaits, offering families a truly magical experience. As the festive lights twinkle and the scent of mulled wine fills the air, Braddicks […]

A Festive Retreat at Braddicks: Unwrap the Magic of Christmas in Devon

This Christmas, discover a world where festive cheer blends seamlessly with the serene beauty of Devon’s coastline. At Braddicks Holiday Park, we’ve crafted holiday experiences that cater to everyone—families, couples, pet owners, and large groups. Here, the spirit of Christmas is alive, turning every moment into a cherished memory. Festive Magic for Families For families, […]

Exploring the Spontaneous Charm of Last-Minute Holidays at Braddicks

In the embrace of North Devon’s sweeping landscapes, there lies a haven for spontaneous souls and leisure seekers – Braddicks Holiday Park. This is where last-minute plans morph into treasured memories, where the rush of an impromptu escape meets the soothing lap of the coastal tides. The Allure of the Unplanned There’s something inherently thrilling […]

Ease into Bliss: Self Catering Holidays at Braddicks in Picturesque Devon

The Freedom of Self-Catering Self-catering holidays at Braddicks Holiday Park in Devon offer an ideal balance of freedom, comfort, and scenic beauty. These holidays provide a flexible and relaxed approach to vacationing, perfect for families, couples, and groups of friends. Your Own Space in a Picturesque Setting Each self-catering unit at Braddicks is a haven […]

Self Catering Holidays at Braddicks: The Freedom to Create Your Perfect Escape

Self catering holidays at Braddicks Holiday Park offer the perfect blend of freedom and comfort, allowing guests to tailor their coastal escape to their own tastes and preferences. Nestled in the beautiful setting of North Devon, our self catering options provide a unique opportunity for holidaymakers to experience the area at their own pace, creating […]

Last-Minute Escapes: Discover the Allure of Braddicks Caravan Holidays

In today’s fast-paced world, the opportunity for a spontaneous getaway is a rare gem. This is precisely what Braddicks Holiday Park offers with its last-minute caravan holidays, where every unplanned moment is a chance for adventure and relaxation. The Spontaneous Escape: Last-Minute Holidays Redefined At Braddicks Holiday Park, we understand the thrill that comes with […]

The Lundy View Caravans at Braddicks: Luxury Meets Scenic Beauty

In the heart of North Devon’s picturesque landscape, Braddicks Holiday Park introduces its latest marvel: The Lundy View Caravans. This premium addition to our holiday collection is where luxury meets scenic beauty, offering an unparalleled holiday experience. A View to Remember: The Lundy View Caravans Overlooking the majestic waters and the serene silhouette of Lundy […]