Explore the Wonders of the Tarka Trail

In the realm of walking holidays, North Devon emerges as a hidden gem, and at the heart of this scenic splendor lies Braddicks Holiday Park. Located just steps from the renowned Tarka Trail, Braddicks offers the perfect fusion of accessibility and natural beauty, making it an ideal base for both casual walkers and seasoned hikers alike.

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The Tarka Trail: A Walker’s Paradise

The Tarka Trail, accessible directly from the back of Braddicks Holiday Park, is more than just a path; it’s a journey through the heart of North Devon’s diverse landscapes. Stretching over 180 miles, this route, inspired by Henry Williamson’s novel “Tarka the Otter,” is a testament to the region’s natural and literary heritage. The trail offers a varied terrain that appeals to all, from serene riverside paths to rugged moorland treks.

Discovering North Devon’s Richness

As you embark on your walking holiday along the Tarka Trail, every step reveals a new facet of North Devon’s beauty. The trail winds through ancient woodlands, alongside rushing rivers, over stone bridges, and through quaint villages steeped in history. It’s a tapestry of natural wonders, where each viewpoint offers a fresh perspective of the stunning surroundings.

Northam Burrows Country Park: A Coastal Haven

A stone’s throw from Braddicks lies Northam Burrows Country Park, a coastal reserve known for its unique landscape shaped by the forces of nature. This site forms part of the North Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. The park’s grassy plains, sand dunes, and salt marshes are home to a rich variety of flora and fauna, making it an ideal spot for nature walks and bird watching.

Accommodating All Walkers

Whether planning a long-distance walk along the Tarka Trail or a series of shorter, leisurely strolls, Braddicks Holiday Park caters to all preferences. Our facilities are designed to accommodate both couples seeking a peaceful retreat and large groups embarking on a walking adventure. With our range of caravan holidays and self-catering options, you can find the perfect stay to suit your walking holiday needs.

Premium Facilities for a Restful Stay

After a day of exploring, Braddicks provides the ideal setting to unwind. Our premium facilities ensure that your stay is as comfortable as it is adventurous. Relax in our well-appointed accommodations, enjoy the local cuisine at our onsite facilities, or simply take in the breathtaking views of the Devon coastline.

A Walking Holiday for Every Season

The beauty of a walking holiday at Braddicks is its year-round appeal. Each season paints the Tarka Trail and Northam Burrows with a different palette, from the lush greens of spring to the golden hues of autumn. Winter walks are equally magical, offering crisp, clear days with unparalleled views of the rugged landscape.

Last-Minute Getaways and Planned Adventures

For those spontaneous walkers or planners alike, Braddicks offers flexibility with last-minute holiday deals. Whether you decide to walk the Tarka Trail on a whim or plan your trek months in advance, we provide options to accommodate your schedule.

Conclusion: Step into a Walking Holiday Dream at Braddicks

Braddicks Holiday Park invites you to step into a world where walking holidays are infused with both adventure and relaxation. With direct access to the Tarka Trail, proximity to Northam Burrows Country Park, and a range of accommodations, we offer an unparalleled walking holiday experience. Book your stay and embark on a journey where every step uncovers the stunning beauty and serene charm of North Devon.