Caravan Holidays in Devon: A Family Adventure at Braddicks Awaits

Caravan Holidays in Devon: A New Year, A New Adventure at Braddicks

As the new year unfolds, the lure of a family adventure beckons. At Braddicks Holiday Park in Westward Ho!, we’re not just offering caravan holidays in Devon; we’re crafting experiences that turn into cherished family memories. Here, every day is a discovery, every moment a chance to bond, reconnect, and bask in the joys of family life.

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A Coastal Gem: Your Family’s Playground

Perched along the stunning North Devon coastline, our holiday park isn’t just another caravan site. It’s a gateway to coastal wonders, where the sea’s rhythm becomes a soundtrack to your holiday. It’s where kids laugh in the surf, where parents find a moment of seaside serenity, and where pets frolic freely along the shore.

Family Holidays Reimagined

In the heart of winter, the promise of a warm family getaway is particularly appealing. Our caravans, each a cosy haven, offer a warm embrace after a day spent exploring. Whether it’s marvelling at the rugged Devon coastline or enjoying the park’s amenities, we ensure your family’s comfort is paramount.

Pet-Friendly: Because Family Includes Paws and Claws

At Braddicks, we understand that pets are family too. Our park is designed to welcome your furry companions, offering them as much joy and adventure as it does to you. With dog-friendly beaches and trails, your pets are in for a holiday as delightful as yours.

The Heart of Westward Ho!: Where Every Turn is a Story

Westward Ho! is not just our location; it’s our pride. A village brimming with charm, it invites families to explore its quaint streets, sample local cuisine, and uncover stories etched in its landscape. It’s a place where every stroll along the beach is a new chapter in your family’s holiday story.

Your Home Away From Home

Our caravans are thoughtfully designed to be more than just a place to sleep. They are your home away from home. Furnished for comfort, equipped for convenience, and styled for relaxation, each caravan offers a serene retreat for your family.

Family Fun, Whatever the Weather

Our holiday park buzzes with activities for all ages. Rain or shine, there’s always something to captivate, engage, and entertain. From indoor games to outdoor adventures, we ensure that your family holiday is filled with laughter and joy.

Conclusion: Begin Your Family’s Next Chapter with a Caravan Holiday in Devon

As your stay at Braddicks draws to a close, you’ll depart with stories to share and memories to cherish. Our caravan holidays in Devon are more than just breaks; they’re experiences that bind, moments that linger in your heart. Start planning your family’s new year adventure with us today and discover the magic of Braddicks in Westward Ho!