Walking Holidays Westward Ho! – A Journey into Nature’s Splendour

Rediscover the Joy of Walking in Westward Ho!

Do you ever feel the need to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with nature? Walking holidays provide a perfect opportunity, yet finding the right balance between adventure and relaxation can be a challenge.

Agitation: Imagine missing out on paths that lead to breathtaking vistas, or trails that weave through the heart of unspoiled landscapes. Consider the disappointment of a walking holiday that doesn’t cater to your pace or interests, leaving you either overwhelmed or wanting more.

Solution: At Braddicks Holidays, we’ve crafted walking holidays in Westward Ho! that promise an enriching experience, tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a casual walker, our holidays are designed to immerse you in the stunning beauty of Westward Ho!, at a pace that suits you.

Explore Westward Ho! – A Walker’s Paradise

Discover the diverse landscapes of Westward Ho! with our carefully curated walking routes. From the tranquil shores of Westward Ho! Beach to the rugged cliffs and rolling hills, every step unveils a new facet of this coastal gem.

Tailored Walking Experiences for Everyone

Whether you’re planning a solo adventure, a romantic getaway, or a family excursion, our walking holidays are designed to accommodate all levels of experience and interest. Our self-catering accommodations and luxury beach apartments offer the perfect base to start your journey.

Why Choose Braddicks for Your Walking Holiday?

With Braddicks, you’re not just booking a walking holiday; you’re investing in an experience. We offer:

  • Diverse Routes: Ranging from easy strolls to challenging hikes.
  • Comfortable Accommodations: Relax in our comfortable, well-appointed holiday homes.
  • Pet-Friendly Options: Bring your furry friends along on our dog-friendly holidays.

Ready to step into the beauty of Westward Ho!? Book your walking holiday today and embark on an adventure that awaits at every turn.

Step onto the Tarka Trail: A Walker’s Dream

Just a stone’s throw from Braddicks Holidays, the Tarka Trail offers an unrivalled walking experience for nature enthusiasts and casual strollers alike. This 180-mile route, inspired by Henry Williamson’s novel ‘Tarka the Otter’, winds through the picturesque landscapes of North Devon, including the breathtaking coastal vistas near Westward Ho!. As a walker, you’ll tread paths that meander through lush woodlands, serene estuaries, and open countryside, each offering its own unique charm and challenges.

Tarka Trail Trivia and Highlights:

  • Historical Roots: The trail follows the journey of Tarka the Otter in the classic novel, immersing walkers in literary history as they explore.
  • Diverse Wildlife: It’s a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Keep an eye out for otters, kingfishers, and a myriad of birdlife that call this trail home.
  • Cycling and Walking Paths: The trail is uniquely divided into footpaths and cycle tracks, offering a serene experience tailored to walkers.

Braddicks Holidays: Perfectly Poised for Tarka Trail Adventurers

Nestled in a prime location for exploring the Tarka Trail, Braddicks Holidays serves as the ideal base camp. Whether you’re embarking on a long-distance trek or a leisurely day walk, our accommodations provide the comfort and convenience you need to rejuvenate after a day of exploration. Our proximity to the trail means that you’re always just moments away from starting a new walking adventure.

Enjoy the Local Flavours: After a day on the trail, the local eateries in Westward Ho! offer the perfect opportunity to refuel and relish the local cuisine. From traditional pubs serving hearty meals to cafes offering light bites, there’s something to satisfy every appetite.

Facilities and Amenities for the Walking Enthusiast

At Braddicks, we understand what walkers need for a successful holiday. Our facilities are thoughtfully designed to cater to your walking holiday needs:

  • Secure Equipment Storage: Safe storage for your walking gear, so you can rest easy knowing your equipment is secure.
  • Comfortable Accommodations: Relax in our comfortable, well-furnished accommodations, perfect for resting those weary legs.
  • Dog-Friendly Options: The Tarka Trail is a delight for dogs, and our pet-friendly options mean your furry friend can join in the adventure.

Local Amenities for Walkers:

  • Walking Supplies: Nearby shops provide all the essentials for your walking holiday, from maps to weather-appropriate clothing.
  • Transport Links: Convenient transport links make it easy to access different parts of the Tarka Trail, allowing for varied and flexible walking itineraries.

Walk Into a Story with Braddicks – Where Every Trail Has a Tale

Walking Holidays Westward Ho! are not just about the paths you tread; they’re about the experiences you gather along the way. The Tarka Trail, with its rich history and natural beauty, offers an unparalleled walking experience. And at Braddicks Holidays, we provide the perfect complement to your walking adventure – a place where comfort, convenience, and natural beauty converge. Embark on your walking journey with us, where every step is a story waiting to be discovered. Explore more and book your walking holiday today at Braddicks Holidays Westward Ho!.